Marketers often focus on increasing traffic and building more awareness of their product or brand. However, post click marketing can have more impact on bottom line revenue, sales and product/service use. Increasing the conversion rate of a page by even 1 or 2 percent can dramatically improve key metrics. Here are 5 tips on how to increase the conversions of your landing pages.

Be relevant

All visitors will have some sort of expectation of what they will see and read once they reach your page. Try to understand what drove that visitor to you site. For example, if you’re driving traffic using PPC campaigns, try to match headlines and landing page copy with the keyword that drove the visitor. Using keywords that visitors use is a powerful way to make visitors feel more comfortable and increase your conversions.

Use images that are relevant to the visitor. Images and graphics capture your visitors’ attention very quickly and can often be the difference between them staying on site or bouncing. Ensure the images you use help to keep your visitors interested enough to read more and convert.

Have a clear call to action (CTA)

Having a clear CTA sounds simple and obvious, however many marketers often overlook this. Ensure visitors to your landing page can easily see what you what them to do, whether it be register with their email, sign up for a free trial or purchase a product.

Make sure you emphasize the benefits of what you have to offer and highlight how your desired CTA will help your visitor. Do you offer a painkiller for a problem, an opportunity for someone to be the first to try a product or something that will improve someone’s daily lives? Whatever you are offering your visitor, make sure it’s clear and your visitor can quickly see how to take action.

Mail Chimp is great at presenting a clear offer and call to action. As soon as you land on the page below you can very quickly see what Mail Chimp can offer you and how to get started. Mail Chimp offers “Easy Email Newsletters” and you can click the big red button to “Sign up for free”.

Evoke trust

Trust is extremely important and will reassure visitors when they are deciding to try your product, purchase your service or sign up for your email list. Making sure your visitors trust you and what you have to offer is crucial to boosting conversions on your landing pages. Trust can be created in many ways. Social Proof is a great way to use your visitors’ social graph to build trust. Quora does this extremely well to non logged in visitors who are browsing questions and answers. It shows the visitor’s Facebook friends that currently use their service. When visitors see that their friends have used a service, it makes them more comfortable in also giving it a try.

Testimonials are another great way to build trust with visitors. Seeing what other people have to say about a service or product is psychologically very powerful. Well crafted testimonials or case studies that people can relate to are great for increasing conversions. They can be in the form of video testimonials, quotes or full case study write ups.

Secure Payment logos placed near purchase buttons  can also help with conversions as they alleviate payment concerns people may have.

Understand user intent

Visitors come from a variety of different traffic sources and expect different things. As mentioned before if you’re able to understand what visitors expect, what they’re looking for and what they’re planning on doing, it will allow you to serve suitable content to help them achieve their plans and goals. This will ultimately result in more conversions and a better user experience for visitors.

Try to understand your visitors’ “personas” and cater to this group of people in your messaging, graphics and offer. Creating targeted messages to a select group of people you are trying to target is a great way to increase conversions. Wix does this extremely well by targeting different groups of people with their “build your own” website product.

When thinking about user intent, also consider what a typical sales cycle involves and offer easy access for visitors to complete the entire sales cycle as quickly as possible. For example if you are selling an expensive computer, your visitor’s will want to spend time understanding the complete specifications and features. You should make this information easily accessible and simple to understand.

Remove Distractions

Landing pages have one sole purpose and it is to convert users. Everything on your landing pages should have the purpose of helping, convincing or encouraging the visitor to take your desired action. Remove all possible distractions that may take visitors on “tangents” away from your CTA. Some examples of this include your navigation bar, irrelevant images and off topic content. Your navigation bar is great for one thing, allowing people to find their way and navigate around your site. This is a huge distraction to visitors on your landing page and can potentially lose conversions. Irrelevant images can leave visitors confused and unsure about what to do. Lastly, off topic content is probably one of the biggest distractions. Make sure you are clear and concise with your copy and include only things that will help people convert. Any other type of copy is a distraction and again can lose conversions.

Wistia have a great landing page with one very clear CTA and no distractions.

Conversion rate optimization is an extensive topic and a lot can be done to increase your conversions. Follow the 5 tips above and each change will push you in the right direction to optimizing your landing pages for higher conversions. It’s a good idea to create a different web page variation for each of the hypothesis you come up with based on these tips. You can then use these variations to run a continuous A/B test to see which one converts at the best rate. Once you’ve improved your conversion rate you can test new ideas to further increase it.

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